Saturday, January 26, 2008


Congressman Dennis Kucinich held a new conference today in Cleveland explaining pulling out of the Presidential election. In short, Kucinich explained that the reason he ran for the nations highest office was to fix the problems that Washington created but was his chances were hindered by the media who shut him out of numerous debates. He said:
"I deeply and sincerely believe that we fought the good fight -- in large part because of the support from all of you here and from hundreds of thousands of people just like you all across this country. I stood strong because you gave me strength. I spoke out because your voices needed and deserved to be heard. And I told the truth, no matter how unpopular or inconvenient, because, no matter how long it takes, the truth really will set us free."
The Kucinich campaign will keep up a website called which will focus on the issues that he brought to the table his bid to become President.
Here is a video of the press conference he gave today:

Kucinich also posted a plea for funds to his Congressional campaign. He said that corporate interests found a challenger who "has a for sale sign on his back." The person he was referring to is undoubtedly Joe Cimperman who has began airing negative attack advertisements that are running non-stop on local media outlets. Here is his message that he posted on YouTube:

Greg Brown @ Falcon Ridge 2003

I want my country back
and a good dream to stand up for.
Got my hand over my heart,
but I don't feel at home here anymore

Big, big flag above the big, big mall,
and the shake rattle and roll to the core.
Things sprawl after they fall,
and I don't feel at home here anymore

Homeland of Sojourner Truth
and Chief Joseph before,
Many quiet words of wisdom drowned out by TV
and I don't feel at home here anymore.

Blind engineer, war train on the track,
many many a heart is sore.
We want our country back;
we want to feel at home here once more.

I want my country back.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Martin Luther King, Jr. on War

Martin Luther King, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam"

This speech was released by Black Forum records, a subsidiary of Motown, and went on to win a Grammy in 1970 for the Best Spoken Word Recording.

Excerpts of a Sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on April 30, 1967.

Text of entire speech:

Real Audio file of entire speech:

Sister Rosetta Tharpe singing "Down by the Riverside"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Talking Post-Trauma Blues (PTSD)

Tom Smith, vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and other instruments.

PTSD and Veterans: Beyond the Yellow Ribbons
This video explains the "natural reactions to unnatural events" that cause PTSD. Made for combat veterans, their family and friends and community leaders.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Hey all,
Just writing to wish everyone a happy new year. It's 10 AM on New Years Even here in sunny chilly Iraq and the mood is anything but festive. But I know that all of you are probably celebrating in one way or another so I figured I'd make somewhat of an attempt to live vicariously through your celebrations.

But definately enjoy yourselves, if you're in or around my immediate family, enjoy the pickles, artichoke hearts and onion dip, and have fun ringing in the new year!

I, for one, will not allow myself to not enjoy it. It's a whole new beginning!