Saturday, March 22, 2008


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Stop the War Now banner stops traffic in Washington DC!
Photo: Denice Lombard
Dear Tim,
Reports are still coming in, but it is clear that March 19th -- and this whole week of anti-war action -- was historic. On Wednesday, the atmosphere out in the streets of our nation's capital was exhilarating. More than 1,000 people -- students, grannies, veterans, and more -- engaged in more than a dozen bold, creative, inspiring actions in downtown DC that disrupted business as usual. The protests made those who profit from war, and those who enable it, stop and take notice.
The energy in those activities was bolstered by the fact it was connected to more than 1,000 actions in all 50 states marking the 5th anniversary of the war and occupation in Iraq, and demanding that it be brought to an immediate end.
And all of this was preceded by 3 days of powerful testimony given by brave veterans of the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Winter Soldier hearings organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War. If you haven't already, we urge you to visit
now to watch these historic proceedings online.
There's much more to say about all of these actions, so please do take a moment to read the many action reports that have already been posted on (If you participated in an activity, please post a report and any photos or video you have as soon as possible.)
We looked to March 19 as a day to express our outrage and sadness at 5 years of incalculable devastation and to re-galvanize our movement for the work ahead in this critical year. Thousands of people across the country rose to that occasion and stepped forward to take action.
Now we must carry that energy forward -- there is much work ahead of us.
And unfortunately, we will very soon be observing the death of the 4,000th U.S. soldier killed in Iraq.
Sometime in April Congress will debate and take action on the Bush administration's request for an additional $105 billion for the war and occupation in Iraq. 5 years of death and destruction and they want more! We will send you information soon about what you can do to pressure your members of Congress to use their power to end this war and bring all the troops home.Together, we will end this war, and create the peaceful and just world we all know is possible.
Yours, for peace and justice,
Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, UFPJ

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