Thursday, March 5, 2009

On March 19, the seventh year of the Iraq War begins.

March 19 marks the beginning of the seventh year of war in Iraq.
As part of our Countdown to Withdrawal campaign, we're asking you to mark the war's anniversary with a public event during the week of March 16.
How will you wage peace?

Will you attract the public's attention with rows of lighted candles at a vigil?

Gather a circle of drummers to embody the drumbeat for peace?

Organize an outdoor prayer service or a singalong of peace songs?

Or will you let your imagination soar?

We can help:
Organize an event and put it on our national listing or find a vigil to attend.
Print signs and banners.
Post photos, videos, and stories about your event on Facebook.
The Iraq War was a tragic mistake. Let's stop it, let's fix it — and, most important of all, let's not repeat it. Help us wage peace today.


Laurie Creasy

American Friends Service Committee

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