Friday, October 10, 2008

Ralph speaking to an audience in Waterbury, Connecticut.

2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader discusses the passage of the bailout bill. Waterbury, Connecticut - October 4, 2008.

From: votenader08
Added: October 05, 2008
Words and phrases I keep hearing:
Middle class, Safe nuclear, "I agree with Senator McCain," Clean coal, Biodiesel, Troop surge is working, Rescue package, Terror, al Qaeda, Countries that don't like us, Dependence on foreign oil, Capture and kill, Change, Innovation, Bipartisan, "I agree with Senator Obama," Failed economic policies, Tax cuts, Fundamentals, Maverick, Grave threat, Reform, Working familes...
Words I don't hear enough:
Working class, No to nuclear power, Yes to solar, Carbon tax, Taft Hartley Act, Labor Unions, Consumer Protection, Bailout, Military Industrial Complex, Poverty, PEACE, Single Payer Healthcare, Impeachment, Corporate power/Corporate welfare/Corporate crime, Living wage, Open Presidential Debates...

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