Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Statewide Meeting to End the War and Bring the Troops Home Now!

"hey tim! it's brittany from students for a culture of peace. i just wanted to get into contact with you because there has been a proposal set forth to hold anti-war actions in the month of december and we are looking for endorsers to lend their names to the call in support of the proposal to hold actions. i know that you were interested in being involved before, and it would be great if you could lend your name in support. also, there is a meeting this sunday, october 26th at 2:00 pm at the quaker meeting house in west hartford, and it would be great if you might be able to attend that as well. i have asked others from students for a culture of peace if they were interested. no one has gotten back to me yet, but we could possibly have a carpool. let me know what you think, preferably tonight if possible, tonight is the deadline for endorsements. (sorry for the short notice). have a good night, thanks!!

brittany kilburn, Students for a Culture Peace

Statewide Meeting to Call and Build a December Demmonstration to End the War and Bring the Troops Home Now!

Sunday, October 26th, 2008
2:00 pm
Quaker Meeting House
144 South Quaker Lane
West Hartford, CT 06105

On October 9th and 11th students at Central Connecticut State University, Trinity College and UConn held actions to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home. They joined activists across the country in a nationally coordinated week of local actions against the war in Iraq which included a rally in Boston of over 1000.

Earlier, In a late summer fight to prevent the closure of two neighborhood libraries in Hartford, children and adults tied their struggle to the war with signs demanding, "Money for Libraries, not for War!"

The pressure to oppose the U.S. war machine is only growing. The war in Iraq roars on with an approximate 1.6 million dead Iraqis, 5 million refugees, over 4,000 dead US soldiers, a shattered infrastructure, and trillions going up in smoke. Anti-Iran venom grows, with officials commonly labeling its national guard a "terrorist organization." U.S. operations are already spreading into Pakistan where they killed 11 Pakistani troops in a recent June airstrike. Rather than admit defeat, the war-makers are attempting to extend combat into new terrain.

As the world economy tumbles into depression, the drive for war will only intensify. Investors will look more towards arms spending to turn a profit. The rush to control resources and trade routes; to attain regional hegemony; to smother discontent and dissent in a tsunami of war-mongering nationalistic fervor - will escalate. Conflicts between Georgia and Russia could very well turn into war between Russia and the U.S.

Amidst an economic crisis involving hundreds of billions in corporate bailout dollars, skyrocketing home foreclosures, rising unemployement, loan freezes, and collapsing pensions, war funds are needed at home more than ever before.

Now more than ever it is time to bring anti-war forces across Connecticut together to oppose this war! Activists across the country will demonstrate against the war on the week of December 9-14 as part of nationally coordinated actions responding to the call put forth by anti-war activists across the country, including the National Assembly to End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, ANSWER, and the Troops Out Now Coalition.

Let us unite in Connecticut for a mass action in December to Bring the Troops Home Now! Join us on October 26th at the Quaker Meeting House in West Hartford for a meeting to call and begin organizing a state-wide anti-war demonstration in Connecticut!

If you are interested in joining the call for December actions, or want to find out more about the meeting contact Beth @ 203-448-9140 or eilis.dyer@gmail.com

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