Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank You, Mr. Bush

Sometimes we forget to say "Thank You" enough ( Above: Entry from MoveOn.org's 2003/2004 "Bush in 30 Seconds" ad contest.Produced by: Christine Rose,

I intended to post a little home made video that's been processing for 2 weeks now because I couldn't find one for this poem that was posted a couple years ago at:


Thank You Mr. Bush
Vanessa German, National Slam Bush Champion, wrote this absolutely amazing, angry, filled-with-promise protest poem. Hear it in her own voice.H/T to A Poetic Justice.

Thank you George Muthaf@%#king Bush

thank you mr. george w. bush
thank u
for makin it easier for me
to get a tech9 or AR14
than a pap smear & a good education
thank u
from the first boy i kissed
who u sent off to fight your war in iraq
he returned home only by telegram
& in a box
thank u
from me
from my body
from the woman i love
that i want to marry & call my wife
without u bible thumpin daggers
& demanding constitutional amendments
to prevent us from loving this revolutionary love
(az tho we cud soil the sanctitiy of marriage)
u cud nevah touch my love or fuck with my love
its just the right u seek to deny us
so we must fight for it in the end it's all a matter of
voiceof excercising choice & flexing the muscle of democracy
which shudn't be pigeon holed marginalized
or constitutionaly compromised
under the pretense that who i love
kiss fuck hold hands & make family with
iz destructive to the fiber
that quilts the fabric of america

which ironically happens to be
that notoriously bloody lily white thread
that my grandfather
& hiz fathers fathers before picked by hand
in mer rouge louisiana

i hav not forgotton that i am america
that my blood iz in these rivers
& at the roots of these redwood trees
i know that this country was built on the backs of blacks
that were shackled strapped & stacked
slashed gashed taxed & then cashed in on

like cattle

i hav not forgotton that i am america
& even tho u want me to be quiet & invisible
i will noti hav decided that if u r not with US
then u r against US
USthe 99% of the population that makes less
than 1.2 million dollars a year
the 43 million people that hav no health care
the 14 million children that got left behind
& go to bed hungry every night
if u r not with US then
u r against US

& we understand
that terror iz not always guns & knives
& otherwise explosive devices of evil
sometimes terror iz just making no living wage
going day to day pay check to pay check
praying that no one gets sick

terror iz not knowing which of ur sons
will fit the description
& die while reaching back pocket
for identification to prove he iz american
but not american enuf to live free
terror iz being 13having no access
no choice & taking matters
into ur own hands
terror iz being a woman
begging for emergency contraception
when u've been raped taken by force & foresaken

just like the constitution

after the presidential election of 2000
which u did not win
u stole like a purse
off the shoulder of an old lady
making america ur bitch
didn't anyone ever tell u
when u take shit that's not urs u give it back
& apologizebut no.

we realize that u mr bush
r just the figure head the smoke screen
the sony nike gmc tommyhilfigerbluejeansbrand name
of a regime of evil so vicious & arrogant
u hav the audacity to murder in my name
& call it justice call it liberation long time come
when all it really iz
iz economic imperialism
or occupation
which iz the same thing hitler did
in poland austria & hungry
...if u really wanted to liberate
u cud hav liberated
delbert orr africa
janine holloway africa
micheal sims africa
or mumia abul jamal
it wasn't 6 weeks
it waz 17 thousand lives
not just american lives
but human lives
how sacred are they
tell me answer me
tell me how sacred are they

stop trying to convince us that justice
iz always this bloodythat liberation costs babies
& mothers & homes & sons& lovers & fathers & dignity& truth & purity
& hope & democracy

thank u mr bush

for showing us

that we must fight everyday for our freedom as tho we r fighting for our lives

obviously u r not going to beat a path of justice to our frontdoors

this is my requiemfor the last four years

my premptive strike on the next four years

this iz my love poem
to america even tho
he took u by force violated u
forsook u before they eye of god
made u barely recognizable to the rest of us
i still love u baby
he can not shame u before my eyes
u r beautiful
i will fight
& die for u r the people
& i am u

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