Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas In Fallujah - The Original Recording

Another song entitled “Christmas In Fallujah,"
recorded by Jefferson Pepper in 2005.
Jefferson Pepper is a songwriter who
"writes and sings Country music for people who hate Country music…”
“In 2005, Jefferson Pepper took out a second mortgage on the modest, wood-sided home he built in the hills of rural south-central Pennsylvania in order to finance the recording of his debut release, 'Christmas in Fallujah'. His inspiration was David Maples, a 21-year-old neighbor kid, a kid Jefferson and his wife had watched grow up; a kid who went along on family vacations; a kid who caught lightning bugs and frogs and played games in the backyard on warm summer nights. David was a dimpled dreamer with aspirations of becoming a doctor. With no money for college or medical school, David joined the Army to train as a medic. David was shipped off to Iraq…”

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