Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Iraq

Merry Holidays!

I just wanted to wish everybody a merry christmas. We're having a grand ol' time here in sunny Iraq. We're here watching Elf, eating candy canes and christmas cookies, and drinking cocoa. Santa just came by and we have an abundance of candies and snacks around here. The mood is overall slightly joyous though most of us have spent 4 out of the last 5 christmas's deployed so their spirit is low.

But we're definately making the best of the situation. Yesterday we had a dove hunt and we got maybe 40 birds. We've been playing christmas music, wearing santa hats and eating joyously. For dinner yesterday we had stuffed pork chops and bacon wrapped dove. Though I didn't partake in the bacon wrapped dove for obvious reasons, the pork was excellent and we got to watch Jingle All The Way during our meal. We topped of the evening by bringing hot cocoa to the guard positions around the base, where some soldiers were standing there freezing their cojones off.

Now, with most regular activities on hold for the holidays, my main duties are to ensure plenty of cocoa and coffee is available, and shuttle in helicopters carrying VIPs who want to wish us happy holidays.

I even have my own christmas tree set up in my room surrounded by presents. It's christmas, I think I shall open them.

Take care all and enjoy the holidays.


And yes, I've introduced my comraderie to Dominic the Donkey.

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