Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Christmas In Fallujah"

This is the clip (after an advertisement of course) I heard on TV this morning that inspired me to write down a few lines of what might be a song. I was troubled when the celebrity reporter said:

“It’s …controversial… because it’s Anti-War. Do you worry at all about the message you’re sending to the troops?”
You can see it here:
When they cut to a commercial, I wrote this down:

“While burning homemade Christmas Cookies
and homemade Christmas CDs
Heard the woman talking
In the other room on my TV.

She asked the young singer
If he was afraid
About his anti-war message that
The troops would take the “wrong way.”

(I guess she meant)

A lack of support
In a time of war
That same old accusation
I’ve heard a million times before

Christmas in Fallujah
I don’t know the song
But hasn’t “Peace on Earth” been
The Christmas message all along?”

I was busy in the kitchen, almost late for work, listening for the song.
I almost heard him play it, and I’m not quite sure I heard it all, but I could be wrong.
I think they cut off the end of the song, went to a commercial break….

So I searched a little this afternoon and found out it’s a Billy Joel song…

Billy Joel introduces Cass Dillon before their first live performance of "Christmas In Fallujah" in Chicago:

"Christmas In Fallujah"
Billy Joel & Cass Dillon

It's evening in the desert
I'm tired and I'm cold
But I am just a soldier
I do what I am told

We came with the crusaders
To save the Holy Land
It's Christmas in Fallujah
And no one gives a damn

And I just got your letter
And this what I read
You said I'm fading from your memory
So I'm just as good as dead
We are the Armies of the Empire
We are the Legionnaries of Rome
It's Christmas in Fallujah
And we ain't never coming home
We came to bring these people Freedom
We came to fight the Infidel
There is no justice in the desrt
Because there is no God in Hell

They say Osama's in the Mountains
Deep in a cave near Pakistan
But there's a sea of blood in Baghdad
A sea of oil in the sand
Between the Tigris and Euphrates
Another day comes to an end
It's Christmas In Fallujah
Peace on Earth
Goodwill to Men...

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