Monday, December 10, 2007

Dec. 9, 2007

Recent Events
from: Iraq Body Count

Documented civilian deaths from violence
78,085 – 85,072
Recent events:
Sunday 9 December: 23 dead
Baghdad: mortar attack kills 1, al-Rashid; 5 bodies. Baquba: 3 killed in clashes. Mosul: 3 killed by US helicopter fire in separate incidents. Hilla: police chief and guards killed by roadside bomb. Muqdadiya: 6 bodies. Wassit: head found.
Saturday 8 December: 26 dead
Baghdad: roadside bomb, shooting, kill 2; 3 bodies. Baiji: suicide bomber blows up truck, kills 11. Numaniya: rocket kills family of 4; gunmen shoot dead contractor working for US forces. Mahmudiya: mortar attack kills child. Suwayra: 2 bodies.

(Above:) Bethlehem CT - Dec. 9, 2007

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Latest Coalition Fatality: Dec 05, 2007

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